Self-Care Sunday

How are you today?  Yes, I mean today.  I am okay today.  It’s Friday, it may be grey and drizzly but I’ve just been scooting after the school run, enjoyed a coffee and feel really excited about my youngest who turns four tomorrow.  The coffee and scooting are part of my self-care. I try to take time out before I begin work each morning to transition from the school run and not simply sit at my desk all day.

How am I really?

Well, that is a slightly different story.

We are waiting for a house sale to go through. The whole thing has dragged on since January, leaving us in a serious cashflow crisis that makes me anxious everyday.

My eldest currently has growing pains and thinks that he may have asthma, I need to book him to see a doctor.  (Adds to huge to do list).

The middle one is having an interesting sensory journey and we currently spend our Saturday afternoons with a clinical psychologist trying to unravel what causes him to have such huge meltdowns.  I am also learning how to show a very calm exterior when my body is in full fight or flight when he is in the mix.

The house is a tip (standard but it still gets to me at times), paperwork is on the back burner and I have about twenty outstanding blog posts to write as well as lots of lovely clients to help out.

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Who came up with Self Care Sunday?

Self care Sunday was an amazing day in Brighton a few weeks ago.  I set off early from home and wandered through the Lanes drinking coffee and following all the runners and supporters heading to the Brighton Marathon starting line.

Four years ago I ran the marathon but this Sunday was all about doing something for me in a different way.

Mary Meadows

On arrival I was greeted with a huge hug by the gorgeous life coach to Mums, Mary “Badass” Meadows (what an awesome name isn’t it). I have known Mary for a few years now and can honestly say that she is the warmest, most genuine person with a kind heart and fantastic sense of humour.  She is incredibly wise and knows a lot about self-care.

Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen

I was handed overnight oats with delicious fruit from Gem at Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen. Recently I won an Instagram competition on Gem’s account for a larder cleanse.  We had the best morning, clearing out my cupboard of dodgy things I bought planning to use and never have, we sniffed all of my herbs and Gem taught me how to test for freshness with dried products.

We put a box together for the local food bank of things I would no longer use and Gem showed me how to whip up a soup from anything in my cupboard.  Gem is a plant-based cook, she creates delicious food and as a family trying to eat a little less meat I am inspired by her cooking.

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Becky Hands and Alexis Strickland

Beccy and Alexis run The Mother Box, an antenatal, birth and postnatal wellbeing boxes and course.  As a doula and midwife, their knowledge is vast and I only wish that I had known about them when pregnant with my three.  Alexis suffered from severe PND and has first hand experience to help mums with their journey.

Without my Mum, I missed having someone nearby to nurture and share the journey with.  There is no doubt that I would have asked Beccy to be my doula had it been an option.

I bought one of their boxes for my cousin who is pregnant with number two, she loved it.  They have thought about the needs of their customer and curated some beautiful products in their boxes.

Natasha Bailie

Natasha set up Mental Mutha this year.  (I wrote a post for them here). She talks openly about depression and anxiety (as does Mary) and flies the flag high to keep the conversation going about mental health.  It’s okay not to be okay.  Natasha is very funny, if you havent come across her before then please do start following her on Instagram. When I feel crappy she is one of my go to people on Stories for a good giggle.

Rachel McDermott Yoga

Rachel has recently moved to Brighton and we were lucky to have her lead the yoga class.  We started the day with a lovely yoga session and felt grounded and rejuvenated for the day ahead.

The verdict

The day consisted of yoga, talks from all of the wonderful people above. Guided meditation (after lunch which was bliss), lots of laughter, a constant flow or delicious food and drinks (including non-alcoholic prosecco with lunch), some tears and a room full of open and gorgeous women.

I came away feeling calm, with purpose and another reminder to ensure that I put my self-care at the top of the list. Simple things such as not drinking enough water, something we all know is important but don’t do enough of. Why not? In the two weeks since Self-Care Sunday I have noticed some real improvements in my energy levels and anxiety levels.  Taking time out is not something to feel guilty about, it is crucial.

Details for the next Self-Care Sunday are below. Click here to buy your ticket, you won’t regret it for a second.

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Top 6 Lunch boxes – Back to school

Jack is going to be having the free school lunches when he starts school in September but even so I keep spotting bright tupperware and cool snack boxes for days out with Cody and Sam.  

Here are my favourites.

Blue smallable lunchbox

Blue smallable lunchbox

Bento box

Cath Kidson Cops and Robbers

Cath Kidson Cops and Robbers

 Cops and robbers – JL

Dinosaur lunchbox

Dinosaur lunchbox

 Dinosaur from John Lewis

Blafre Strongman

Blafre Strongman

 Blafre strongman tin box


Spacebox from Paperchase

Spacebox from Paperchase

Paperchase sharks

Paperchase sharks